Quick Update: I successfully climbed Mount Fuji through the night last night and made it to the summit in time for sunrise! It was a beautiful and amazing experience. I’m going to be writing up a blog and posting pics soon!
I’ve had a pretty big (and extremely annoying) interference to my trip however… Altitude sickness. I was suffering almost the whole climb, but took my time climbing. I was nauseous on and off during the climb. On my descent, the feeling came back and was accompanied by an extreme headache. By the time I got back to my hostel, I was running a fever and had a really sore throat. I tried to sleep (I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours), but wasn’t able to.
This is my PSA about altitude sickness: If you are not well rested, you are more apt to suffer. Altitude sickness symptoms include:
– Difficulty sleeping (yep!)
– Dizziness and/or light headedness (sporadically during climb)
– Fatigue (duh)
– Headache (began on decent)
– Loss of appetite (forced myself to eat)
– Nausea or vomiting (waves during climb & descent)
– Rapid heart rate (nope)
– Loss of breath with exertion (during climb – breaks were taken)
Carbs and water are your best friend in trying to reduce these symptoms. I’ve been resting as much as possible today and hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. My dinner consisted of two slices of toast, topped with peanut cream (Japan’s version of peanut butter) and a sliced up banana (carbs, carbs, carbs!!).
But be on the lookout for a blog and pictures about the climb 🙂
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