1. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish of rice, veggies and meat. You can find it all over Spain, but it originated in Valencia. Paella is not for dinner. It is meant for a lunch meal. You can find it in the evening, but you show you’re a tourist if you eat it at dinner.

2. Also on paella, it takes about thirty minutes to prepare and the portions are typically massive. It’s well worth the wait.


First traditional paella I enjoyed. This is for two people!

3. They love their bread and potatoes. My first dinner there was bocadillo tortilla patata. A tortilla patata is a traditional Spanish dish, that is simply potatoes, onions and eggs (it looks kind of like an omelette). And a bocadillo is a sandwich. So i had a potato, onion and egg sandwich… At first, all I could think about was all the carbs. By the end of my time in Spain, the tortilla patata was my favorite food.


My first tortilla patata that I made when I returned home from Spain.

4. Oh, back to paella, you are supposed to eat it straight from the paella pan. Also, true paella is made with chicken, rabbit meat and snails (escargot). If it has other meats in it (like all seafood) or it is vegetarian it cannot technically be called paella.

5. Spaniards love to eat! The majority of people in Spain eat FIVE times a day. This was heaven to me haha!

6. All of the food is good. The quality is great and the food is fresh. Try as much as you can!

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