On the flight from San Francisco to Singapore, my mom and I both watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Because you kind of have to before you go to Bali, right?! While in Singapore, we both mentioned we should find someone like Ketut, a fortune teller. I began googling and quickly found Ashish, a Vedic astrologer. I read his reviews on TripAdvisor and emailed him asking for an appointment.

Two hours later, a reply. He will see us on a Tuesday at 11am. Woohoo! I send him mine and my mother’s birth date and time and confirm the reading. This quickly becomes the activity my mom and I are most excited about, ha! Now, I wouldn’t say we are people who “buy” into these kind of things easily – fortune tellers, crystals, prophecies, etc., but it’s something fun to do at least.

We arrive just before 11 on Tuesday. We’ve walked through the rice fields from our villa towards Ubud. Just before the Main Street of Ubud, there are a few signs advertising Ashish’s Vedic astrology and yoga. Down a path through the field, we walk on stepping stones until we reach the end of the path. There we see Ashish. He greets us and asks us to sit on some patio furniture under an umbrella at the back of the property. A women appears after we’ve sat down to offer us tea, which my mother and I are happy to drink (ginger tea, with chunks of actual ginger in it… amazing!).

Ashish emerges with a notebook in hand. He has drawn our Vedic charts already (since I gave him our birth date and times already) and is soon ready to begin. Ashish begins by explaining the different houses, what they represent and how Vedic astrology works. Below is a picture of the final reading: The chart and various notes from Ashish that he gave while he was doing my reading.

When all was said and done, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe the accuracy of some of the things he told me. I have never done anything like this before, and it was eye opening. A lot of what he explained and said, assured me that I’m actually right where I need to be in my life at this moment. Something I’ve been seriously contemplating for a while (I mean, c’mon guys – I quit my job to go travel the world…).

After our readings, Ashish told us how he came to become a Vedic astrologer. Before he chose to study Vedic astrology, he was skeptical as well. His guru would try to explain that what Ashish thought was his path, actually was not. Ashish resisted. Over time however, Ashish realized the things his guru had told him all along were actually happening. After a relationship did not work out, Ashish caved. He went to his guru and asked him to teach him Vedic astrology. He believed. And ever since then, Ashish has seen many aspects of his charts come to light in reality.

If and when you find yourself in Bali, step away from the bustling streets of Ubud and walk into the rice fields to meet with Ashish. His insight and wisdom are incredible to see and be at the receiving end of. Can’t make it to Bali? Ashish does online readings as well! Check out his website to learn more about Vedic astrology, see what Ashish is up to and contact him if you’d like a reading!
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