I am a Disney fanatic, to put it lightly. A big reason I chose to live in Orlando, Florida was because I wanted to be able to go to Disney all the time. I know I know, some people think it’s ridiculous. I’m passionate about it, the creativity and magic Disney brings to the world is insurmountable in my eyes.

When I traveled to Hong Kong, I needed to experience the magic. My last day in Hong Kong was spent exploring Hong Kong Disneyland. I arrived shortly after opening, expecting the lines to be long and people plentiful, but that was not the case. In my eyes, the park was fairly empty. Like I mentioned before, I typically visit Walt Disney World in Florida, which is the largest of all the Disney parks. It being June, I was expecting lines to be outrageous. I have been to Disneyland Paris as well and I’d compare Hong Kong and Paris pretty evenly. The lack of people made for a very enjoyable time. I was able to ride all rides with little to no wait, and see every show (except the night parade and fireworks – more on that later).

First ride, Mystic Manor. Now if you’re unfamiliar with how the Disneyland’s work, there are several rides that are repeated in the various parks. Hong Kong Disneyland has a Mystic Manor, Disneyland Paris has Phantom Manor and the states (Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida) has The Haunted Mansion. They’re all supposed to be a haunted/enchanted estate that you “explore” while on the ride. All different in their own right, but spooky and can be scary for young kids.

The other rides were great as well, I actually prefer Hong Kong’s Space Mountain (called Hyperspace Mountain) because it’s modeled after Star Wars. I also loved Hong Kong’s “It’s a Small World”, and to be honest, I’m not a fan of that ride in general. But Hong Kong’s had more areas and a lot of details, including labels for when you arrived to different areas of the world. The best part? They incorporated Disney movies into the ride! Peter Pan was flying above London, Lilo and Stitch were catching a wave in the islands and Simba was hanging out with Pumba and Timon in Africa!

Beautiful store fronts lining Main Street lead up to Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Every where you look, multiple languages on every sign. The Jungle River Cruise actually had three different lines for you to choose from, each representing a different language so you could understand your tour guide on the river cruise.

In the middle of the day there was a parade, “Flights of Fantasy”. Beautiful colorful floats drifted down the large walkways. Everyone gathered, lining the parade route, children squealing in excitement over seeing their favorite Disney characters and princesses come to life.

The magic was everywhere at Hong Kong’s Disneyland. I’m so happy I was able to spend my last day there. Unfortunately, I was exhausted and had to leave early the next day for my flight back to the states, so I didn’t stay to watch the night parade, “Paint the Night”, or the fireworks. But I’m sure they don’t disappoint, it is Disney.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading down to Florida to visit friends and my second home: Walt Disney World. So, as Mickey says, See ya real soon!

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