Location: Singapore, Singapore

Date: May 26-27, 2017

Twenty two hours on a plane and one connection later, we have arrived! My mom and I have begun our girls vacation and the first stop on the adventure is Singapore.

After filling out our landing cards and gathering our luggage, customs & immigration are a breeze. Before heading into the city, I make a quick stop at a StarHub counter to purchase a prepaid SIM card. I got the “Happy Traveler” plan, which include 15GB free data in Singapore, 2GB data in other countries, 100 minutes local minutes and free incoming calls, all for S$32 (about $24 USD). All of this is available for me for six months as well, so I will definitely be hanging onto this SIM card as I continue my travels through out Southeast Asia. Need more data than that? All I have to do is login to my account via the StarHub app and top up. They have 1GB for S$5, so I can just pay as I go. Now that we are connected, we’re ready to take on Singapore! 

We make our way to the MRT, Singapore’s subway system. This system is extremely easy to use and runs very well. Everyone on the subway is quiet, it’s rush hour and everyone is heading into the city for the workday. We arrive to our hostel around 8:30 am, too early to check in unfortunately. So we drop our bags and went off to play tourist in the city. Number one site to see? Gardens by the Bay. 

Back to the subway we purchase our tickets to Marina Bay. We emerge from the subway to see the Gardens by Bay and Marina Bay Sands off in the distance. As we make our way over there, we snap pictures of the bay architecture and come across a Shopping Center. The center is massive! Such a variety of stores, all in one place; convenient stores to Louis Vuitton. We end up walking around here for hours, window shopping and looking at some one of a kind shops (like this SuperHero cafe!)

Eventually we made our way through there and found the Helix bridge. We walked across there and snapped pictures of the Ferris wheel and more views of the bay. Off in the distance we can see the Gardens by the Bay. Oh yeah – that’s what we were originally going to… okay, now we go! 

What I didn’t realize (completely my fault on lack of planning/research), is that the Gardens are in a kind of park and you have to pay to go in! It was the middle of the day, I didn’t want to pay to go in and not be able to see the Garden Rhapsody (light show on the Garden’s trees). So we turned back and headed back to the hotel. We’ll go back and see the lights on our layover after Bali. 

My mom is really tired (thanks to jet lag) so we crank up the A/C and take naps in the hostel bunk beds. Four hours later, we wake up… Oops! I’m starving so we walk around the corner and I grab some teriyaki chicken noodles at Porn’s. And yes, I only ate here because I cracked up at the name 😝 

The next morning we are in search for breakfast, and I was determined to try something new. I had heard kaya toast was something to try in Singapore, and we were in luck as a Toastbox was right around the corner from our hostel. Oh my gosh, it was delicious! The closest thing I can relate kaya to is like a fruit butter. We enjoyed delicious kaya toast, hard boiled eggs and kopi (coffee)! 

Back to the hostel to pack and we’re off to the airport. The international terminal at Singapore airport has loads of shops and food choices. Luckily, we arrived early enough not to be in a rush and were able to enjoy some food and do a bit of shopping. 

Off to Bali!

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