1. Smoking is very prevalent in Melbourne & Sydney.
  2. In the US, if you go into a coffee shop and order a coffee, you will receive a black coffee (with cream, milk, sugar, whatever you’d like added to it as well). If you order a coffee in Oz, they will just stare at you, waiting for more information. Black coffee, lattes, cappuccino, etc are all “coffee”, so you need to be specific.
  3. Continuation of #2: All “coffee” is usually the same price. A black coffee is the same price as a latte. This has its advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on your preference of coffee. In the US, a black coffee is typically almost half the price of a latte for example.
  4. People drive on the left side of the road. When crossing streets, be sure you look right first!
  5. Everyone waits for the walk signal to cross any given street. Being a New Yorker, this kills me… Even if there’s no cars in site! The majority of people will wait.
  6. In Sydney, a lot of backpackers are in Oz on Work-Holiday visas. Many of these 20-30 year olds are from Europe and looking for work on an extended stay in Oz. From what they’ve told me, it’s relatively easy to get work in Sydney.
  7. In Cairns, the footwear is split almost 50/50 of what you see people wearing. Shoes or no shoes.
  8. In Melbourne, donuts and burgers are the “thing” right now. The streets are covered with different burger joints and donut shops. All delicious from what I tried… And yes, I tried more than one location… #research
  9. Australians are probably the nicest people I’ve met in my travels. Everyone is smiling and always willing to help.
  10. Wine is so cheap! Which I’m very happy about because wine is my alcoholic drink of choice. Please note however, I don’t claim to know a thing about wine… ha! So asking me wineries, kinds, etc., I can’t help ya! All I know is white and red, of which, I prefer white, so I know a bit more about different whites. But still… not much.
  11. No one says “G’day” NEARLY as much as stereotypes say…
  12. Australia is Sweden’s destination spot. I don’t think it’s crazy to say I met/talked to more Swedish people than Australians…
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