Date: March 20, 2017

Location: Sydney Harbour Bridge – NSW, Australia

Yesterday (March 19) marked 85 years since the opening of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. To celebrate, I climbed to the top! 

Construction on the bridge began on July 28, 1923 and the bridge opened on March 19, 1932. Today it remains the world’s tallest steel arch bridge (134 m from top to water surface). Below is a picture of people walking across the bridge opening day. Photo from Australian Financial Review (

I decided to do the standard bridge climb; in which I climb the eastern arch of the bridge to the peak, cross over and then back down the western arch. The whole process took about 3.5 hours and cost a whopping A$288. Steep price, but I’d still recommend this to anyone visiting Sydney. 

My tour guide, Ben, was very knowledgeable and fun to climb with. Safety is the number one priority of course. Once you begin your climb there is no way for you to become unattached to the safety line. You are not able to bring anything on the climb with you – phones, cameras, watches, dangly earrings. All safety precautions. 

It takes almost an hour to get prepared for the climb. You are handed and body suit (we were told to leave on just underwear underneath since it was so warm outside (75°F with 94% humidity). You are given a complimentary hat and fasteners that will keep it and your sunglasses to your suit in case they fall. A harness is added to your attire and you do a practice run thru of how the harness will work and how to climb the ladders. You will also be given a headset so you can hear your climb leader as you climb. They have so many interesting facts about the bridge, its construction and history, as well as the surrounding city of Sydney. 

Alas, you begin your climb! You start under the bridge and climb a series of ladders, eventually making your way onto the arch itself. The climb is beautiful and pretty easy. I never felt physically exerted; however, the heights at the beginning and end of the climb can be a bit daunting for those scared of heights. 

Our group was all ages and from all over; Aussies, British and largely the US. I had a great time experiencing this climb with them all. 

Be sure you eat before you go! I had a good size breakfast and was starving by the time we finished (I mean – I’m always hungry, but a normal person would be hungry as well). 

I’m so glad I did this climb, especially because it taught me so much I didn’t know about the bridge, allowing me to appreciate this magnificent creation even more so. 

They have many climb options to choose from, as well as time of day you’d like to climb. I would’ve love to do a dawn climb, but they only do them certain days of the month. 

You can book your climb online at  

Happy climbing! 

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