Date: March 19, 2017

Location: Sydney – NSW, Australia

After a quick three hour nap, my alarm went off at 4:30am, left the house by 5 and had boarded my plane to Sydney at 6. I attempted to get some sleep on the flight, but failed; instead, I caught up on the blog. I landed in Sydney around 8:15am to rain…. Ugh, not cool. 

Sydney has a train (Airport Link) that can take you straight from the airport and into city centre for about A$13. So that was my plan of attack to get to my hostel. I walked over to carousel 2 in baggage claim (where the signs told me to go for the train) only to find Airport Link was down – no trains. However, Sydney airport was so kind and gave everyone free bus transportation into the city in place of the train (SCORE!). And just to compound that, it took the same amount of time that the train would’ve taken. Off to Central Station I went! 

I dropped my backpack off at my hostel around 9 because my bunk bed in the ten-person mixed dorm wouldn’t be ready until 11am. I started to wander, slowly making my way to Sydney Harbour. After about forty minutes, I made it! *Side note: I came up to the harbour in between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. And in my personal opinion, the bridge does not get enough credit. 

I enjoyed a crepe and coffee from a creperie on Albert St called “Four Frogs Creperie” as an excuse for lunch (I have a constant inner battle to convince myself that Nutella crepes do not count as a meal… yet my sweet tooth almost always wins that argument). 

By that point, I could head back to the hostel and my bunk should be ready. I was praying for a bottom bunk, but as my luck always fails me with this, I was stuck with a top bunk. I took a nice shower and laid down, in hopes I’d be able to take a nap before my evening plans. But again, that didn’t happen either. 

My evening plan was to see a show. Not just any show. And not at just any venue. I was seeing my first opera at the Sydney Opera House! The opera was called “Great Opera Hits”, sampling various songs from the most famous operas from around the world. I was surprised that I knew/recognized half of the songs. And the four singers were flawless. I had goosebumps watching them, it was so moving and incredible to hear them do these things with their voice! Super impressive. The show was held in the Joan Sutherland Theatre (if you look at the Sydney Opera House from the pier, its the front, triangle-shaped windows on the right hand side). Another plus for the evening was that when I got back to the opera house for the show, the sun had come out! So I was able to get some better pictures of the harbour (seen above). 

*Side note: This panoramic picture of the theatre in NO WAY does it justice. I recommend googling Joan Sutherland Theatre to get a better feel for its beauty. 

After the show I indulged in some ever hearty fish n’ chips at “City Extra” before walking back to the hostel. It was still pretty humid and warm (75°F) an hour after the sun went down, but I don’t mind. I love the heat and humidity. 

Tomorrow morning is the Bridge Climb! I can’t wait to tell y’all about it. I know it’ll be fantastic. Until then… 👋🏼 

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