Date: March 18, 2017

Location: Keilor Park – VIC, Australia

Last night was my last evening in Melbourne. My friend had a footie game (Aussie Rules Football) that I went to. I was tired just watching the guys after ten minutes with how much they have to run around. Although I dont know the rules very well, it’s exciting to watch and easy to understand the general gist of the game and how it’s played. 

After my friend finished his game, he had a few other mates playing in the game right after. So we grabbed ourselves some cider from the club bar and stuck around to watch. During the third quarter a player on his mates’ team went down after a head collision and was knocked unconscious. A cut above his eye, a bruised jaw and memory loss were all his symptoms for a great concussion. Aussie Rules Football is a contact sport so these things happen. My friend and I offered to take him to the Emergency Room in Melbourne to get him checked out at the end of the game. Poor guy was in so much pain, but in high spirits. Especially when we he’d ask us every ten minutes or so about how the game went and we assured him he played great (not lying – he played very well)! But he had no recollection of the game at all so questions about the game and what happened to him were frequent during the thirty minute drive into the city. 

Once his parents showed up, my friend and I left the ER. As we walked to the car we realized we hadn’t eaten in over ten hours and we were famished! Maccas it is! Maccas is what Aussie’s call McDonalds, and per usual, it’s way better than the US. I say “per usual” because I’ve had McDonalds in a few countries outside the US and it’s always better quality and taste. 

We inhaled our chicken sandwiches and went straight to bed. My flight to Sydney was at 6:30am! 

My week in Melbourne was a great intro to Australia and relaxing. Aussies are very easy going and extremely nice people. I had a great time exploring and meeting new people, as well as getting to spend time with my friend that I haven’t seen in almost three years. 

I’m currently sat on the plane to Sydney and will post this when I land. I’m also dreaming about the french toast I had yesterday at brunch 😍. Nutella, berries, marscapone deliciousness. 

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pedrol · March 18, 2017 at 5:49 pm

Looks tasty 😉 PedroL

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