Date: March 16, 2017

Location: Melbourne Zoo – VIC, Australia

Hey everyone! I cannot wait to tell you guys about my afternoon at the Melbourne Zoo. Overall, this zoo gets an A+ in my book! Fairly large in size and a plethora of animals to check out, many of which, I’ve never seen. But I’ll go thru some of the highlights: 

The Butterfly House : I’ve done butterfly houses at other zoos and have never been that impressed… Until now. It felt like hundreds of friendly butterflies were constantly whisping about the enclosure all around me. Stay still! You are sure to get at least one to land on you if you spend even a small amount of time there. At one point, my friend had SIX on him at once! 

Meerkats : Meerkats are one of my favorite animals! And Melbourne Zoo has heaps of them. Several different enclosures and in multiple areas of the zoo, so you’re sure to see a few of these adorable, burrowing creatures from Africa. 

Kangaroos : THIS is what I am most excited to tell y’all! My friend and I did the kangaroo encounter for $30 each (in addition to our zoo tickets). We really lucked out and there were only three of us in this encounter so we had plenty of one-on-one time with the kangaroos. The kangaroos were at all stages of life – the oldest was a sixteen year old male, named Aldo, down to Meg, a fifteen-month old joey. We were able to feed them corn, give them back scratches and of course, take dozens of photos! The little joey, Meg (pictured below), quickly stole my heart 💜 

I have always had a love for animals and a thirst for learning. Just walking around this zoo, reading signs and hearing Keepers Talks, I learned copious facts about different animals. Fun fact: Kangaroos actually regurgitate their food to chew it finer and then swallow it again. So gross, but so interesting! 

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, I highly recommend stepping outside the city centre and exploring this great zoo. You won’t regret it! 

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