Date: March 13, 2017

Location: Lorne and Torquay – VIC, Australia 

The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s version of America’s Pacific Coast Highway. The road winds with the coast of Australia, moving along the coast of beaches and dipping into the rainforests. 

There are so many stop off points along this highway for pictures of the breathtaking Australian coastline. A big attraction along this route is the 12 Apostles (unforunately we did not have time to go all the way there). 

However, we were able to stop at Erskine Falls located in the Great Otway Rainforest. The “hike” to the falls is super easy, just be careful as the stone steps can be slippery. The falls are absolutely beautiful with the surrounding lucious green of rainforest. 

We made an early dinner pit-stop in Torquay before heading back to Melbourne. I’m a sucker for fish and chips. Whenever I visit England, it’s a must have dish. That being said, I prefer Australia’s fish and chips! I know my English friends will probably call me a traitor now! But it is delicious 🙂 The fish (Gummy) is very light, fresh and not very oily. The chips were crispy with just the right amount of salt. 

Once we headed back, we hit a crazy amount of traffic as everyone seemed to be heading back home after the long weekend (today was a bank holiday in Oz). What should’ve taken us one hour, took two and half! 😳 

The rest of the evening we spent catching up on The Walking Dead and then headed to bed early. 

Tomorrow I plan to run some errands (getting a SIM card for while I’m here) and then head out to St. Kilda once my friend gets off from work. 

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