Date: March 12, 2017

Location: Melbourne, Australia
30 hours of traveling and I have finally arrived in Melbourne, Australia! Another aircraft has landed around the same time as ours so customs and immigration is chaos. I am herded into a line for machines where I will scan my passport and be asked the standard immigration questions (food, plants, large amounts of cash, etc.). After that I receive a ticket and I am herded into another line where my picture will be taken. 

I only had a backpack and purse carry ons, so no baggage claim waiting for me! I proceed into another line where my landing card is glanced at and I walk thru a set of gates. I’m officially in Australia! 

My friend picks me up in the waiting area. We both have timed it perfectly and arrived at the same time. We head to his house where I quickly shower and we head out to explore. I’m so excited to get my trip started and am hoping that by keeing busy, jet lag will elude me. 

We arrive at the train station where I top up a myki card, touch it to the sensor and head into Melbourne City Centre. 

Twenty minutes later we arrive at Flinders Street Station. It’s Sunday around eleven in the morning and the city is buzzing. Not only is at a gorgeous day, but the Moomba Festival is taking place in the city. My friend takes me to a secret park area that many locals know about so I can get an amazing picture of the Melbourne skyline. 

We continue walking around Melbourne, seeing the sites and catching up on the last 3 years since my friend and I had last seen each other. We wandered down laneways to look at graffiti and artwork done by locals, dozens of donut shops line the streets of Melbourne and then we walked to Melbourne Cricket Ground (which locals shorten to MCG).

Before heading out of Melbourne, we stopped for a bite to eat at a burger joint called “Grill’d” where we each enjoyed a delicious beef burger. We were also sure to hit a donut shop before jumping on the train. 

The rest of our evening was pretty quiet, just enjoyed watching tv and catching up. Luckily, I had made it through the day without being tired, which surprised me having had a burger. 

Tomorrow we plan to travel down The Great Ocean Road! 

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