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Hey everyone! Long time no blog, soo sorry. I just returned back to the states yesterday, so I will be working on content this week. I’m also going to try to put together a video of some of my Spanish adventures from this summer. I’ve never made videos before, so if anyone has any tips, […]

First, I need to explain how I travel. My dad is a pilot for a commercial airline in the United States. Because of this, I receive certain benefits because I am his offspring. The biggest one being that I fly for free on this airline, for the most part. I do have to pay to […]

While looking into different “must-do’s” for Bali, I came across Cassie’s (Adventuress on the run) post about doing a hike to the top of Mount Batur to summit at sunrise. I reached out to a friend of mine who recently went there with his wife, and he had done the same hike. Both sources told me […]

Saturday evening, we land in Bali Indonesia and proceed as normal to customs and immigration like herded cattle. Hundreds of people stand in numerous slow moving lines for immigration. After seventy minutes, we have officially arrived in Bali! Our Air BnB host is picking my mom and I up from the airport. This is the […]

On the flight from San Francisco to Singapore, my mom and I both watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Because you kind of have to before you go to Bali, right?! While in Singapore, we both mentioned we should find someone like Ketut, a fortune teller. I began googling and quickly found Ashish, a Vedic […]

I am a Disney fanatic, to put it lightly. A big reason I chose to live in Orlando, Florida was because I wanted to be able to go to Disney all the time. I know I know, some people think it’s ridiculous. I’m passionate about it, the creativity and magic Disney brings to the world […]

Location: Singapore, Singapore Date: May 26-27, 2017 Twenty two hours on a plane and one connection later, we have arrived! My mom and I have begun our girls vacation and the first stop on the adventure is Singapore. After filling out our landing cards and gathering our luggage, customs & immigration are a breeze. Before […]